» Introduction to Slayers ::
Never heard of Slayers or want to learn more about it? This section will give you a relatively good idea of what this series is about and the personalities of the characters. But beware of spoilers as well. XD

A few terms to know before plunging into the long introduction:

Ryuzoku=of the dragon race/dragon
Mazoku=of the demon race/demon

Slayers is a relatively popular series that has not been publicly aired (i.e. dubbed) in the U.S. so far. (thank goodness -.-) It would be categorized as a comedy and adventure series, since it brings great laughs and is full of adventures. There are 3 seasons total: Slayers, Slayers NEXT, and Slayers TRY. Each season has 26 episodes, which makes the entire series 78 episodes long. In the first season, the only main characters present were Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zel. The series has Lina fighting bandits and journeying through various adventures. The second season features a new character, Xelloss. He is a high leveled Mazoku under Hellmaster Phibrizo's order to prevent Lina from getting killed so she could use her Giga Slave spell to end the world for him. Of course, those things never work...XDD A new character was introduced in the third season: Filia Ul Copt, a Golden Ryuzoku who had come to ask for Lina's help. Valgaav is also introduced as a Ryuzoku of great power, including powers of a Mazoku, who threatens to bring the world to destruction by attempting to summon the DarkStar.

The Slayers is a wonderful and hilarious anime with beautiful artwork, but and a equally exciting plot. The Slayers consists of Gourry, the extremely dumb but talented swordsman, Zelgadis, the serious and all-pearl bodied chimera, Amelia, the fighter for justice white sorceress, and Lina, the small-chested, food-loving, temperimental girl who just happens to be the second most powerful sorceress in the world. :D Of course, there are other characters such as Xelloss, >D the completely evil mazoku trickster priest, Filia, the lovely strong-willed golden ryuuzoku who dispises Xelloss with all her heart, and so on. The series is completely funny and it keeps most viewers immensely interested. I could sit here for days laughing at scenery that I've seen a million times already. XD I would recommend it for people ages 10 or up, since this anime has some mature content and violence, along with Lina's *occasional* profanity. XD But most of it is safe.^^ If you like a comedy or an adventure and love anime with magic, this series is for you. :D :D Megumi Hayashibara is the seiyuu of Lina, that alone should somewhat show how good the anime is. XD

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