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01-31-04 //
New layout here at DF after some complications that dramata.org had. ^_^ I re-formatted the main sections and updated the Links page. That's all. :3

02-07-03 //
Two more buttons in the Link DF section. :D

12-12-02 //
Demonic Fiend is now part of dramata.org and has moved there. :3 Please visit m.org for more Slayers goodness. xD I've also fixed some grammer/spelling errors in the information section.

08-14-02 //
New layout^__^ I wasn't sick of the last one, just sick of the text and the dhtml scroller @.@ so here's one with some nice purple XDD I've also updated the information section and added content to the older sections.

07-20-02 //
*a year later* Ok, I admit, I sort of neglected this site *sweatdrop* but, we're back in business and got hosted! *cheers* Go visit DF's host, Eikoseisui.net! :D Most links should be up, my scanner's broken again so I can't scan Xel fanart. :P

12-31-01 //
Welcome to the grand opening of Demonic Fiend, a shrine dedicated to Xelloss from the Slayers. Most things are up, so please feel free to look around and leave your mark in the guestbook if you have the time. :) Thank you and enjoy.

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