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Slayers couplings are among the most popular in fanfiction, and I've seen Xelloss paired up with Lina, Filia, Amelia, etc. Many Slayers fans adore these couplings and support them, but can Xelloss really love? Keep in mind that Xelloss is a pure Mazoku and remains entirely evil. Despite silly rumors, he didn't used to be a human until Zelas changed him to a Mazoku. Despite rumors that higher leveled Mazoku might be able to love, Xelloss cannot. I can go on and on and on about Xelloss and love, but I'll shorten it so you don't fall asleep. XD

Xelloss is a Mazoku, who feeds on negative emotions and loves to cause pain. The Xelloss viewers see in Slayers NEXT is merely his outer form. The genki, always smiling, secretive, mostly harmless priest. It isn't until Slayers TRY do viewers really see the dark, demonic side of Xelloss. When Xelloss tortures Valgarv with his staff, driving his thick staff into Valgarv's arm, you see a bit of Xelloss's pure self. What the viewers like to remember is that Xelloss is the genki, tricky, devilish priest who's hobby is to annoy. However, this is not the real Xelloss. A demon cannot love, they're fearless, confident, powerful and deadly. Most of all, they're evil.

Now for Xelloss x Lina. o.O Um yeah, dispite the casual kisses, Xelloss is again, toying with Lina. Xelloss also annoys Lina to no end, and he seemed to always catch Lina unsuspectingly. That's the only reason why Lina didn't beat him up 2 seconds later XD she's too busy blushing and that's the opportunity for Xelloss to disappear. Xelloss has several uses for Lina, and vise versa. Although Lina grows to tolerate Xelloss and find him useful in some situations, she doesn't have any romantic feelings for him. As one can plainly see by the end of NEXT, Lina's significant other is Gourry. Xelloss helps out Lina several times during the NEXT series, why is that? Mainly because Phibrizo ordered Xelloss to. Lina has to be kept alive for her Giga Slave, so letting Lina die would be like failing in his mission.

Lets move on to his relationship with Filia, shall we? Filia Ul Copt, the last remaining Golden Ryuzoku by the last half of TRY, is perhaps the most common character to be coupled up with Xelloss. I don't blame the fans, they seem like a very cute couple. There are numerous fanfictions on them, in addition to the many fans that support and believe in the existance of love between the two. It would be a cute and romantic relationship, if Xelloss weren't a demon. But the fact remains, he still is and always will be. XD On the contrary to love, Filia hates Xelloss with her guts. In the beginning of the TRY, she avoided Xelloss like a deadly virus and would screech in his face, build a fence around him and call him trash out of sheer panic. Indeed, she was forced to endure him because he was traveling with Lina. Xelloss finds her behavior most amusing, as his hobby is to annoy people. Who better to annoy than the Golden Ryuzoku Priestess from the same Ryuzoku clan he had destroyed 1000 years ago? Filia, on the other hand, is more or less unable to suppress her anger towards Xelloss, which in turn causes her to turn into a dragon and blow the city to pieces in an attempt to get Xelloss. XD Xelloss doesn't hate Filia, but Filia hates Xelloss. But could she turn that hate around to love? Maybe. But Xelloss sure didn't turn that tolerance for Filia into love.

Need examples in the series? There's plenty. They're all from Slayers TRY, since Filia doesn't appear in any other seasons. In episode 5, Xelloss and Filia debate which way to go. Xelloss's initial annoying begins here. Filia is genuinely mad at Xelloss for toying with her, but Xelloss was having the best fun he's had in a while. In episode 11, the Holy Balls were pre-set by Jiras, and everyone ended up with the wrong person. Lina ended up with Zel and Amelia with Gourry, so those are definitely not matches. Xelloss ended up with Filia, so that's definitely not a match either. XD In episode 14, Xelloss saves Filia from falling boulders. A sign of love? Nope, because Xelloss saw the opportunity to drop an *extremely* heavy Golden Ryuzoku (keep in mind that Filia in human form still weighs just as much as she does in Ryuzoku form) on Valgarv. In episode 22, Xelloss threatens to kill Filia, no mercy or toying there. Filia ends up alive though...why? Xelloss found out that even with sacrifices, the older golden ryuzoku won't be able to use the weapons. He figures he might need filia in the future in order to stop the Darkstar, and that is why he spared her life. In the same episode, Xelloss tricked Filia into using her power so that he can absorb Filia's ryuzoku power and combine it with the Mazoku power to destroy the protection shield and retrieve the last weapon. Is Xelloss selfish? Definitely. I doubt he could care less if Filia died, it's hard to imagine Xelloss sad isn't it? As we see in the end, Filia's ryuzoku power is required in order to destroy the DarkStar, the primary reason she's needed. If there's anything between the two, it would be that Xelloss finds Filia highly amusing and Filia sees Xelloss as an annoying mazoku.

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