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What is a Mazoku?
Not sure what a mazoku is? Find out here.

Fundamental data
The basic and somewhat boring statistics of Xelloss.

Topic - Xelloss
An in depth look at who exactly is this devious Mazoku.

Sinister Powers
An in depth look at how powerful Xelloss really is.

Provides a brief summary of who Xelloss's companions are and their relationships to him.

Missions and Objectives
Find out what Xelloss's missions are in NEXT and TRY, what he is after, and how he goes about getting them.

A look at who Xelloss's voice actors are and my opinions about them, both in the dubbed and the subbed.

It's hard to find characters who have an uncanny resemblance to our demonic trickster. Lets see who they are.

Could Xelloss be a loving person who engages in romantic relationships? Find out here.

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