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Just how powerful is Xelloss? First of all, there is the most powerful Mazoku of all, the Lord of Nightmares. Next in rank is Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, having control over five other Mazoku lords. Those five Mazoku lords are: Hellmaster Phibrizo, Dynast Grausherra, Beastmaster Zelas Metallium, Deep Sea Dolphin, and Chaos Dragon Gaav. Aside from them, there are various Mazoku, created by any one of these lords and they vary in power. Where does Xelloss lie then? Right below the five Mazoku lords. Aside from the top seven Mazoku Lords, Xelloss is the next most powerful Mazoku. Therefore, he ranks above the various Mazoku that the seven Lords created. While the other four Mazoku lords all have numerous priests and generals under their command, Beastmaster Zelas Matallium only has Xelloss. Xelloss has the power of both a priest and a general, so he ranks above both priests and generals. Zelas only has Xelloss, for he alone is enough.^_^

To get an idea of just how powerful Xelloss really is, lets take a brief look at how powerful the Golden Ryuzoku are, for Xelloss can destroy their entire population with one finger. XD Even though the Golden Ryuzoku's physical size is among the smaller ones of the dragon races, they are among the most powerful Ryuzoku and can generate massive power if needed. During the Kouma war, Xelloss single-fingeredly destroyed almost their entire race with one swift motion of his finger. o.o Xelloss is indeed incredibly powerful. For this very reason, all of the surviving Golden Ryuzoku are fiercely afraid of Xelloss, and would do whatever he asked. Of course, this is with the exception of Filia.^^ Lower ranked Mazoku are also afraid of Xelloss, and would back off even with just a small sly smile from him. Xelloss has the ability to cast all kinds of spells, from spirit to elemental to black magic. However, we rarely see him use any spells. He prefers his own power, dark black energy. His own power is much stronger and powerful than any magic spells, so why use them if you've got the best? XD

As stated before, physical attacks and regular magic are harmless to Xelloss. All of the Shamanist magic dealing with elements (fire, water, air, ground) does nothing to him, because elements such as fire and water and can only cause damage in the physical world. Shamanist magic dealing with spirits does in fact, do damage to a lower ranked Mazoku, because it deals with spirits and doesn't do physical damage. But even these magic spells still have no effect on Xelloss. Dragon Slave - the most powerful black magic attack - used by summoning Ruby Eye Shabranigdu's power, can't do damage to Xelloss. However, the Second level of Dragon Slave, utilized at the same time by two people, can do a relatively good amount of damage, even to the higher ranked Mazoku, including Hellmaster Phibrizo.

Xelloss is not easily destroyed at all. Even a totally unexpected full blow from the back by Chaos Dragon Gaav did not kill Xelloss. Of course, he needed some time to regenerate and heal, but he was back to normal within hours.

Despite his awesome power, Xelloss almost always runs away from fights and lets Lina and company handle them on their own. This is not because Xelloss is a coward. On the contrary, Xelloss is much too confident about his own powers. A Mazoku has no fear, and therefore always underestimates Lina's power. XD Xelloss is stronger than Lina however, as he's a high ranked Mazoku. He is the only Mazoku we see that doesn't underestimate Lina's power. Anyway, Xelloss runs away from fights because he's not permitted to use his powers unless it directly involves his mission. So when towns are in trouble and burning down in episode 4 of TRY, Xelloss doesn't go and help even though he stopped by and saw them panicking. Instead he comes to Lina. Saving the town would not help his mission in any way, so why should he? On the contrary, since he thrives on negative emotions, he probably stopped by to feed off on the chaotic place. However, Xelloss does run away from Gaav during their first face-to-face encounter. Xelloss isn't dumb, he knows he can't face a Mazoku Lord without any tricks and staying put would just be like saying "come kill me." Not that Xelloss isn't confident in his abilities, but he knows how high he ranks in the Mazoku world. >D

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