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Ishida Akira Xelloss's voice actor is Ishida Akira. In my opinion, I think he really brings out Xelloss's personality and makes him very realistic. However, I have not heard much of his voice acting since I own the Chinese version of Slayers NEXT and TRY.

I own the Chinese dubbed but unedited version of Slayers NEXT and TRY, and I'm not sure who the voice actor is, but I LOVE it. He makes Xelloss sound sarcastic basically all of the time, and it never fails to entertain me. I could listen to Xelloss's voice all day.^_^ He really brings out Xelloss's uniqueness and individuality. I really enjoy the voice actor's accomplishment and very glad that I own the version. It was pricy, but well worth it.

Xelloss's NA dubbed voice actor is David Moo. I've never heard him acting out Xelloss, so I can't say whether he's good or not. But I've heard form some that he's good, and others that he's not. Aside from his role as Xelloss, he also does Jiunbo Takegami: Guardian of Darkness from Volume 2 of Legend of the 800 Priestesses, Mikael in Tenshi ni Narumon, and Nagisa Kaworu in Shinseiki Evangelion.

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